Bloom Drop Collection

Set your manicure apart from all the others by using this Bloom Drop to create a design that instantly spreads across the nail surface into a special blooming design.


7 x 15ml Bloom Drop Soak Off Gel Polish

1 x 15ml Base Bloom Soak Off Gel

1 x 15ml Super Base

1 x 15ml Super Top


  1. Prep nails.
  2. Complete dip/acrylic/gel.
  3. Apply Base Bloom. (DO NOT CURE)
  4. Apply Bloom Drop color of your choosing and wait for it to bloom. Once satisfied with design, cure for 30 seconds in LED/UV lamp.
  5. Apply Super Base and cure for 30 seconds in LED/UV lamp (be sure to cap free edge).
  6. Apply Super Top and cure for 60 seconds in LED/UV lamp.
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