Solar Glitter Collection #2

Add some sunshine to your finger tips with 12 different Solar Glitter color. Each color will transform under sunlight giving you a dazzling intriguing look.


12 x 2oz Solar Glitter Change Collection Dipping/Acrylic Powder


  1. Prepare nails.
  2. Apply Prime/Bond [#1].
  3. Apply Base Dip [#2] Immediately dip into NR Crystal Clear.
  4. Apply Base Dip [#2] Immediately dip into NR Color of your choosing and repeat.
  5. Apply Base Dip [#2] and let air dry.
  6. Apply Activator [#3] and let air dry.
  7. File, buff and shape nails.
  8. Apply Top Dip [#4] and let air dry and repeat (Top Dip [#4] needs 2 layers for extra shine).
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