Nudy Nude Collection

Strip down into your favorite nudes with this collection specially formulated to suit any of your nude fantasies. Our two in one powder may be used as dip or acrylic to achieve any solid or Ombré goals.


12 x 2oz Nudy Nude Dipping Powder


  1. Prepare nails.
  2. Apply Prime/Bond [#1].
  3. Apply Base Dip [#2] Immediately dip into NR Crystal Clear.
  4. Apply Base Dip [#2] Immediately dip into NR Color of your choosing and repeat.
  5. Apply Base Dip [#2] and let air dry.
  6. Apply Activator [#3] and let air dry.
  7. File, buff and shape nails.
  8. Apply Top Dip [#4] and let air dry and repeat (Top Dip [#4] needs 2 layers for extra shine).
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