Pure Chrome Silver

Give your nails a super shiny mirror look with of Pure Chrome Dip, Acrylic, & Glitter color.


6 x 2oz Pure Chrome Gold Dipping/Acrylic Powder



  1. Prepare nails.
  2. Apply Prime/Bond [#1].
  3. Apply Base Dip [#2] Immediately dip into NR Crystal Clear.
  4. Apply Base Dip [#2] Immediately dip into NR Color of your choosing and repeat.
  5. Apply Base Dip [#2] and let air dry.
  6. Apply Activator [#3] and let air dry.
  7. File, buff and shape nails.
  8. Apply Top Dip [#4] and let air dry and repeat (Top Dip [#4] needs 2 layers for extra shine).


  1. Prepare nails.
  2. Complete dip/acrylic/gel before applying NR Super Base cure 30 seconds LED.
  3. Apply NR Chrome Base. Cure 10-12 seconds LED/UV lamp  (With NR wire or less lamp, timing with differ with other brands lamp) and dip into pure chrome of choice.
  4. Use NR Duo Brush rub to get the chrome effect.
  5. Apply NR Super Base and cure 30 seconds in LED/UV lamp. (Make sure to cap free edge carefully).
  6. Apply NR Super Top cure 60 seconds LED/UV lamp.
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