Shine 'n Bling - White Kit


Instantly glam up your nails with these sparkly rhinestones! Shine n' Bling gems come in various sizes and shapes to add sparkle, texture and color to your nail art creations. Made in Korea.


  1. SS5 Crystal
  2. SS7 Crystal
  3. SS8 Crystal
  4. SS9 Crystal
  5. SS12 Crystal
  6. SS16 Crystal
  7. SS5 AB Crystal
  8. SS7 AB Crystal
  9. SS8 AB Crystal
  10. SS9 AB Crystal
  11. SS12 AB Crystal
  12. SS16 AB Crystal
  13. SS5 Light Rose
  14. SS7 Light Rose
  15. SS8 Light Rose
  16. SS9 Light Rose
  17. SS12 Light Rose
  18. SS16 Light Rose