Stick-It: Pedicure

One, Two, Three Steps! Gel Nails!
is made with gel polish, so your nails stay ultra-shiny, super strong, and wrinkle-free for up to 14 days! These nail strips don't require UV dry time or soak-off removal. Made in Korea.


  1. Gently remove the cuticle, clean the toenail surface, and remove any moisture.
  2. Attach a patch slightly smaller than your toenail.
  3. Fold in the spare parts and set the file at 90 degrees to file gently from top to bottom, remove the cut and finish.

Removal: Starting from the side of the toenail, gently remove the nail patch. Removing it using alcohol or oil can reduce nail damage.


  • 22 Strips Gel Toe Nails
  • 1 Mini Nail File


  1. For weak toenails, applying a base coat can reduce damage when removed.
  2. Avoid contact with the water for at least 2 hours after attaching it.
  3. Heat with a dryer for about 5 seconds before use in low-temperature winter.
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