Lucid Soft Gel Tips: Medium Almond


Lucid Soft Gel Tips

Medium Almond


• Flexible Gel Tips

• Clear Natural

• Fast And Easy Application

• Weeks Of Wear

• Easy Soak Off


Nail Preparation:

* Create a rough surface by gently filing the nail bed.

* Carefully push back the cuticles.

* Apply Bond-It to the natural nails for enhanced adhesion.


Select and Prepare Extensions:

Choose desired size and shape of Lucid soft gel tips.

Apply Soft Gel Adhesive to the underside of the Soft Gel Tip.

Place Soft Gel Tip onto the Nail:

Position Soft Gel Tip onto the nail, starting from the cuticle area.

Roll the tip towards the free edge, ensuring a close fit and complete coverage.


Flash cure the Soft Gel Tip for 5 seconds using an LED Light.

Hold the tip in place during the curing process.

Repeat for All Nails:

Repeat Steps 1-4 for each nail.

Final Curing:

Cure all five fingers for 60 seconds using an LED lamp.

Refine and Decorate:

Apply NuRevolution nail polish, gel polish, or decorative elements.

Apply NuRevolution Super Top coat and cure for 60 seconds using an LED lamp.