RevoLamp. Professional Rechargeable Cordless LED/UV Lamp



Professional Rechargeable Cordless LED/UV Lamp

Experience the ultimate freedom and convenience of the RevoLamp Cordless LED Nail Lamp. Benefit from its powerful light sources, dual light source technology, long-lasting battery, safety features, intelligent LCD screen, adjustable timing modes, easy-to-clean design, cordless and rechargeable power system, motion sensor activation, removable tray, acetone resistance, and on/off feature. Elevate your nail care routine and achieve flawless nails effortlessly with the RevoLamp.

1. Enhanced Light Source: Equipped with 42 high-quality light sources and a power output of 60W, the RevoLamp ensures efficient and effective gel curing. Experience faster drying times and impeccable results.

2. Dual Light Source Technology: The RevoLamp features UV/LED lamp beads, combining the benefits of both light sources. Enjoy the versatility and compatibility with all types of gel polish, ensuring optimal curing every time.

3. Long-lasting Battery Life: With its built-in 15600mA lithium battery, the RevoLamp provides an impressive 12 hours of usage on a single 4-hour charge. Say goodbye to frequent recharging and enjoy uninterrupted nail care sessions.

4. Safe and Comfortable Experience: Our priority is your safety and comfort. The RevoLamp is designed to prevent eye injuries, blackening of the skin, and uncomfortable heat. You can now enjoy a pleasant and worry-free nail care experience.

5. Intelligent LCD Screen: Stay informed throughout the curing process with the RevoLamp's intelligent LCD screen. It conveniently counts down the remaining curing time, allowing you to manage your time efficiently.

6. Adjustable Timing Modes: Choose from three timing modes - 10s, 30s, and 90s - to achieve the perfect level of curing for your gel polish. Customize the curing process to meet your specific needs.

7. Easy-to-Clean Design: The RevoLamp features a removable base plate, making it effortless to clean and maintain. Keep your lamp hygienic and in optimal condition with minimal effort.

8. Cordless & Rechargeable: Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a cordless design with the RevoLamp. Its rechargeable power system allows for easy mobility and hassle-free nail care sessions.

9. Motion Sensor Activation: The RevoLamp is equipped with a motion sensor that automatically activates the lamp when you insert your hand. Enjoy a seamless and convenient operation without the need for manual controls.

10. Removable Tray: For added convenience, the RevoLamp includes a removable tray. This allows you to easily clean and organize your workspace, ensuring a clutter-free and efficient nail care routine.

11. Acetone Resistant: Designed to withstand exposure to acetone-based products, the RevoLamp is resistant to damage. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

12. On/Off Feature: Take full control of your nail care process with the on/off feature. Easily start and stop the lamp as needed, providing you with flexibility and convenience.